Pick random winners from comments, likes, retweets, and followers

The easiest way to randomly pick winners from your comments, likes, retweets, and followers. We've integrated with Instragram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to let you download your entries and pick winners in a couple clicks.


Works with the most popular platforms for social giveaways

We'll show you a list of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
Select the post you want to pick winners from and choose how many random winners to select. It's just that simple.


Choose random winners from comments and likes on posts to your Facebook page for your Facebook giveaways.


Randomly select a winning comment from one of your Instagram giveaway posts.


Retweet this to win. Now it's easy to pull in all of those retweets to select a random winner.


Pull in all the Youtube comments on your video and pick the winner of your Youtube giveaway.