Simple, Affordable Pricing

We believe great software doesn't need to be expensive. We've priced WinnerPicker so that everyone can afford to use it. Our paid plans are unlimited participants, whether you have 200 or 10 million engagements (Yes, we've seen 10 million comments pulled in on an Instagram influencer's giveaway).

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$19 / month

Yearly subscription

Unlimited Engagements
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$32 / month

Monthly subscription

Unlimited engagements
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Have less than 100 engagements per month to pick from or just want to try it out? Get started with our Free plan.


Frequently asked questions

We've answered some common questions we see. If you have a question that we haven't answered just send us an email to

What does the free plan get me?

Our completely free plan lets you pick winners from posts with up to 100 engagements per month. Engagements are your participants in a social giveaway such as likes, comments, retweets, or followers. You could pick winners on two different posts with 50 comments each for example per month.

Do I need a creditcard to sign up?

No, we only require a credit card when you're ready to upgrade to one of our paid plains that support more than 100 engagements per month..

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

You can cancel your monthly plan at any time or your annual plan at the end of your annual subscription.